Dogecoin Tricks

a book about the original meme cryptocurrency

happy doge coin

Have you ever wondered "What's the deal with that silly coin with the happy dog face on it?"

Or perhaps you think "I'm an experienced shibe, and I've seen everything and done everything, so what's in it for me?"

More likely, you're somewhere between the two. This is the book for you!

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Dogecoin Tricks will contain 101 tips, tricks, and ideas on things to do with Dogecoin, including but not limited to:

  • Running your own node
  • Managing your wallet securely
  • Exploring the Dogecoin ecosystem
  • Giving and getting tips
  • Contributing to Dogecoin development
  • Understanding the network
  • ... and more!

Along the way you'll learn more about how cryptocurrency works, how development happens, how to think securely about your coins and holdings, and what makes a community strong and vibrant.

Each trick is one to five pages long, suitable for browsing, reading on the train, taking a break at work, amusing yourself while you wait for your dog to come inside from the snow, or anything else where you find yourself waiting for a few minutes. The book is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced techies. As long as you can operate a computer, you'll learn something.

Estimated release date: 2023

Want to read it now? You're in luck.

Download the PDF preview. This contains ten selected tricks. The formatting is not final and it's a letter-sized PDF. Don't worry; there will be more output formats later!

Contribute to the book, whether it's suggesting a trick to write, correcting an error, or writing your own trick.

Pre-orders coming soon.

Pre-orders will start at a steep discount from the final price and will receive links to continually-updated PDFs as the book is written, edited, and completed. Preorders will only accept Dogecoin, of course, and of course the payment system will be (at least) one of the tricks in the book.


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