If Doge, Then Wow!

programmable actions for Dogecoin wallets

take payments, respond to donations, do good in three easy steps

How it Works | Create Actions

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How does it work?

Register an action with us. We monitor the Dogecoin blockchain, and as soon as we see a transaction meeting your criteria (to your wallet address, optionally from a source address), we'll perform the action you registered: sending you a DM on Twitter, POSTing to your webhook, sending you an email.

When we receive a Dogecoin payment from you, we'll enable your action:

  • 30 days for 20 Doge
  • 1 year for 200 Doge

Refill your credits any time with a simple transaction!

Need help getting started?

This service is now in active beta!

For developers, please see developer documentation on GitHub. There you can see the API commands and data model, as well as file bugs and feature requests.


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